Télescope Omegon AC 76/700 AZ-1 + Monture azimutale + trépied alu + Occulaires 12,5mm / 20mm
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Omegon Telescope AC 76/700 AZ-1 + + tripod mount azimuth alu + ocular 12.5mm / 20mm

This telescope is ideal start in amateur astronomy. A great gift for children and adults - and an excellent quality / price! This tool is easy and quick to assemble without tools.

VAT included

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The input range of reflecting telescopes begins with an aperture of 76 mm. It distinguishes both the Jupiter system with its four large Galilean moons that Saturn's ring or countless craters on our moon. It even opens the way to the Andromeda Galaxy or the great Orion Nebula.
A telescope with an aperture of 76 mm collecting about 118 times more light than the naked eye. The spherical mirror has a focal length of 700 mm.
The tube is equipped with an eyepiece of 31.75 mm which allows to use all the eye of this current standard. By adjusting the draw, the best sharpness is obtained for observation
Items included with this article: Holiday optical Researcher - 5 x 24 mm eyepieces
- SR 4 mm H 20. mm, H 12.5 mm (flowing 31.75mm)
Barlow Lens - 2x (31.75 mm)
Rectifier image (31.75mm)
The mount AZ -1: Botas This mount is very popular among beginners in astronomy because it is easy to use. The entire telescope can be moved in azimuth and height. The advantage for beginners: it has not to worry about aligning the telescope before you can start watching
Items included with this article: Holiday azimuth mount AZ- 1: Videos tripod solid steel
accessory plate
a 80 page manual for beginners: Basics telescope comes with each telescope
Type: Reflector
Newton aperture (mm): 76
Focal Length (mm): 700
aperture ratio (f /) 9.2
power splitter 1.51
limit value (mag) 11.2
maximum useful magnification: 150
tube construction: tube full
Type: rack
Connection (to eyepiece): 1.25 "
mount type: Azimuthal
Type: AZ-1 tripod

Material: Aluminum | Type : tripod Photo Accessories included: Videos 1.25 'H 20mm, 12.5mm H, SR
4mm Finder scope: 5x24
Barlow lens 2x
Erecting lens: yes

Data sheet

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Data sheet
Omegon 13760-Omegon-AC-76-700-AZ-1